A Better World for Pets
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A Better World for Pets


As the most popular companion animals, cats and dogs have brought endless joy to humans. Pet owners, in turn, try their best to provide nutrition food for their beloved pets. However, due to inadequate knowledge of pet nutrition, pet owners may unwittingly feed their cats and dogs in an unhealthy way which tends to cause health problems among cats and dogs. Hence, it is crucial to raise awareness of nutrition knowledge among specialists and pet owners.

Mars spends a lot of time thinking about pets around the world. Mars Associates always want to give back to the animals who give us so much — that’s why we spend thousands of hours every year participating in initiatives and best practices that make a real and lasting difference in the lives of millions of people and their pets.

Through our programs, we are committed to:

  • Helping pets find loving homes by supporting national animal welfare initiatives, youth education and local shelters.

  • Providing pet food for pets in need.

  • Establishing new and renovating existing pet-friendly places to encourage the bond between humans and pets.


Mars Petcare Academy

Mars Petcare Academy (MPA) is China's first specialized platform focusing on pet care and nutrition. With world’s leading pet nutrition research results and strong technical support from Waltham® Centre for Pet Nutrition, MPA is dedicated to promoting and distributing the science of pet care and nutrition in innovative ways.

MPA strives to establish itself as an authority on specialized knowledge of pet nutrition and scientific feeding. With world-leading pet nutrition research results and strong technical support, MPA is dedicated to promoting and distributing the science of pet care and nutrition, specialized knowledge and best practices among specialists and the public. MPA takes innovative approaches to help people get a clear and objective understanding of nutritional needs of pets, helping pets live healthier and longer lives.

Caring for Stray Animal Program

Mars Petcare has partnered with Beijing Loving Animals Foundation (BLAF) to advocate a moderate, sensible and innovative approach, thus to help people learn about animals and take good care of the animals. The partnership aimed to promote knowledge and behaviors as well as policy and regulatory changes that improve the living conditions for pets. Meanwhile, ROYAL CANIN®, a premium pet food brand, hopes to join force with trade associations and pet hospitals in providing free vaccination and neuter for stray cats and dogs in order to "create a better world for stray animals".

ROYAL CANIN® Cause Marketing Events

As part of its efforts to raise public awareness of pet health and care, ROYAL CANIN® supports pet charities and undertakes the task to educate the public on caring for pets in a scientific way..

Our focus isn’t solely on making the world better for humans, but animals too. That’s why our Petcare Associates have created community efforts to help our four-legged friends as well.

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