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We’re always looking to create positive change by putting our principles into action. Just in the past year, Mars has been hard at work touching lives. From partnering with local communities to improving the lives of our Associates, we take pride in constantly bringing The Five Principles to new people and communities.


Mars is committed to creating Mutuality for all stakeholders and putting our Five Principles into action to make a difference to people and the planet. We encourage every Associate to take part in the Mars Volunteer Program to contribute to the society. By doing so, we have fulfilled our duties as a responsible corporate citizen. Associates can learn about Mars' corporate social responsibilities while strengthening their skills and broadening their own horizons through using their expertise to support different organizations and communities.

Mars volunteers participate in a variety of activities. Associates have the opportunity to join the Mars Ambassador Program (MAP) and undertake volunteer missions around the world, working with local NGOs in different parts of the world by themselves or as part of a Mars team. Or they can join the Mars Volunteer Program (MVP) and participate in a wide range of activities in China.

Mars Ambassador Program (MAP)

The Mars Ambassador Program is designed to focus on personal development of our Associates. The program works with An Taisce (the National Trust for Ireland), Save the Children and other international NGOs to offer opportunities to our Associates to volunteer in two areas relevant to the company's operations – operating communities and origin communities. Associates can choose either personal projects that last 2 to 6 days or group projects that last a week. Both projects provide the opportunity to contribute to organizations and communities along the value chain. The Mars Volunteer Program, on the other hand, is devoted to organizing local volunteering campaigns with three major themes (oral care, community care, and pet care). Upholding the Mars vision of mutuality, the program encourages Associates to get involved in the community and strengthens teamwork, and helps build a great reputation for Mars.

Mars Volunteer Program (MVP): MVP Club/Ma Yi Tuan

The Mars Volunteer Program is devoted to organizing volunteering campaigns with three major themes (oral care, community care, and pet care.) Upholding the Mars vision of mutuality, the program encourages Associates to get involved in the community and strengthens teamwork, as well as helping build a great reputation for Mars.

China joined the Mars Volunteer Program in 2010. In 2013, the China team localized the Mars Volunteer Program to make the program more organized and diversified. The Mars Volunteer Club (MVP Club/Ma Yi Tuan) was born in China as a result, and made itself a home for enthusiastic Wrigley volunteers in China. Ma Yi Tuan has set up a pilot team at every major office in China, in which nearly 70 team members are responsible for organizing and coordinating all volunteering activities covering eight major business hubs in China. Volunteers across the country are given the nickname of "Mars Ants" since they share the traits of ants in that they are hardworking and energetic. Mars Ants work hard and never give up. Moreover, Mars Ants now have their own uniforms and share the same vision, "Mars Ants together for a better world!" The MVP Club encourages every Mars Associate to start with him/herself and to support charities to make a positive impact on the world.

"Wrigley Academy Program"

In 2014, the Wrigley Company Foundation has partnered with China Children and Teenagers' Fund to launch the Wrigley Academy Program, educating children and teenagers about health and safety through lively activities as well as protecting them from diseases and injuries. In the first stage, Wrigley Academy has built up two health and safety centers open to the public for free, one in Guangzhou and the other in Shanghai (opened up in January and September 2015, respectively). In addition, Wrigley Academy built up 24 health and safety experience classrooms across the country, covering 21 Wrigley Hope Elementary Schools in remote mountain regions.

Mars Associates can be found in over 50 countries, and we are putting our principles into action in every community we operate in.

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