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Health & Wellbeing


By reaching out across the globe, we want to connect with you and give you all the information you need to make smart purchase decisions. Below, we have highlighted just a few of our health and wellbeing initiatives that are helping to create a more transparent marketplace.


Knowing just what you’re getting is the key to buying smart. Mars is working to become more and more transparent in our products’ labeling so you always know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Learn more about our commitment to transparent packaging information.


Mars is constantly striving to help make our products better for you, your family and your pets. For example, we’ve been working to reduce the sodium in Mars Food products and reformulating our chocolate treats to make them less calorific.

See how we’re improving our products.

Extra Oral Healthcare Program in China

As an indispensable part of the global Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program, Extra Oral Healthcare Program in China publicized the oral care benefits of sugar-free gum in various ways including professional oral care projects, consumer marketing events and oral care education for children.

Support the establishment of the National High-oleic Peanut Industry Advancement Working Group

Mars expects to explore cooperation opportunities with industry partners through the establishment of the Working Group. Mars looks forward to jointly building an industrial chain that will benefit all, promoting the standardized production of high-oleic peanuts and the convergence between production and marketing, offering high-quality peanut products for Chinese consumers.


Mars Chocolate looks to satisfy chocolate lovers while providing healthier, quality treat options to consumers.

See how our product lineup has evolved.

When it comes to health, at Mars, we’re always working to help improve our products, Associates and communities.

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