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We think beyond our products, services and our bottom line. We want to touch as many lives as we can with our work. We’re humbled by our ability to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people and their pets. 

There are a million ways to help. Mars already has a number of major programs to bring more security and joy into the lives of people along our supply chain. These include:

  • The Sustainable Cocoa Initiative
  • Support for the African Orphan Crops Consortium
  • Our commitments to purchase 100 percent of cocoa, coffee, tea, palm oil and fish from certified or sustainable sources

The global challenges we face together are often complex — there’s usually not a single cure-all for the problems we want to solve. Though there is often little authoritative data on how things like disease, politics, local culture and other socioeconomic forces affect our agricultural supply chains, we’re doing our best to make a difference. Respecting these complexities, we are working to identify areas where we can have the biggest impact possible for people across our value chain.


At Mars, people power our success — we’re dedicated to respecting the rights of each and every one of them. By recognizing the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, we work to uphold human rights throughout our value chain.

These principles go hand-in-hand with our own, and together, they help us improve livelihoods in our supply chain. Whether it’s sourcing through third-party certification programs or applying the Mars Supplier Code of Conduct and risk management program, we’re doing our best to make a difference. See our human rights policy .


We believe in our Associates and want them to believe in us, too. Mars offers rewarding careers with a principled company — one that believes in more than the simple pursuit of profit. It is fundamental to our business values to communicate directly with Associates and work together to resolve any questions or concerns, any time. We’re also happy to work with unions and work councils in compliance with local national laws. On occasion, Associates may prefer to speak up anonymously, and they can do so through our Ombudsman program.

We empower people and communities through above-average wages. Our policy is to provide total compensation that’s in the top 25 percent compared with sector and local levels. We perform annual benchmarks to make sure we’re reaching our goals.


The Mars Community Engagement Strategy focuses on two areas important to our business:

  • Operating Communities: Helping to create thriving communities by promoting healthy, active lifestyles for people and pets, more sustainable use of natural resources, and supporting disaster response and resiliency
  • Origin Communities: Supporting value-chain equity by promoting human rights, empowerment and poverty alleviation across our supply chain

Mars Associates worldwide take great pride in participating in our community engagement programs, the Mars Ambassador Program and the Mars Volunteer Program, to make a difference in these communities.


Providing millions of tasty and affordable treats and meals to hundreds of millions of people and pets — it’s a privilege to do what we do. As a leading food company guided by The Five Principles, we are committed to helping people and their pets enjoy our products as part of a healthy lifestyle. We continuously search for ways to improve the nutritional content of our products without compromising taste, convenience, quality or — importantly — affordability.


Owning a pet is an absolute pleasure and a big responsibility. We help owners to enjoy all the benefits of pet ownership while understanding how best to care for them. We work — on our own and with others — to ensure our products, services and scientific research help make the world a better place for pets and that we play a positive role in our local communities.

When we put our Principles into Action, we not only do it within our Associates and work sites, we do it within our communities as well.

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